Talking to Charlie Series

I listen to the Bulwark Podcast hosted by Charlie Sykes, former conservative radio host and longtime Republican. I am NOT a Republican, but the Bulwark attempts to look at politics (and they are anti-Trump) from a critical, intellectual and non-tribal lens. I like that a lot. I appreciate it and I don’t get mad when they tell me things I disagree with or criticize things I believe. I take it in and think about it.

The world needs more of this and more people doing like what I am doing in response. It is quite honestly what is needed to make democracy function properly.

So, look forward to that. I plan to respond here with messages similar to what I am doing as I listen to the podcast each weekday, either while driving or working or working out. I will include links to the podcast and brief summaries of what is being discussed, while spending the bulk of my time sharing the things I saw back, out loud, when there is usually no one but myself to hear.

Jonathan C. Evans

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